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Are you stumped for gift ideas? We have a 100% faultless solution for you—a chocolate gift box filled with a decadent selection of everyone’s favourite choccy treats

Our business Sent With Love Gift Box Co. have been piecing together marvellous gift creations since 2019. In addition to specialty house-made treats like our tasty sugar cookies and personalised cupcakes, we bring together a bunch of household favourite chocolates and sweets that are bound to put a smile on the face of your giftee.

The secret behind our success is creativity and eye for detail, because it’s the aesthetic of these glorious little bundles that paves the way for a very welcome surprise. Our gift boxes can be personalised to suit any occasion or special event, with the option to choose your own colour palette and have your sugar cookies embossed with the message of your choosing.

chocolate gift box

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Choc a Block

One option that immediately comes to mind for our choccy lovers out there is our Choc-A-Bloc chocolate gift box, which includes a drool-inducing combination of rich chocolate cupcakes, Nutella bombs, Kit-Kats, Snickers bars, M&M’s and more. This box will have dessert covered for days, and is of course beautifully prepared with a sprinkle of colour to fulfil every chocolate lover’s dream.

Chocolate Gift Box

However, it doesn’t stop there for the chocolate frenzy. Another popular option on our list is the Kinder Krazy for those that have a particular inkling towards the creamy dreamy flavours of Kinder chocolate. We have a little something of everything, with delicious house-made cupcakes that have the Kinder flavour to match.

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All of our gift boxes are available in three different sizes to meet your budget, and if you place your order before 2pm we can have it wrapped and ready to go the following day! A chocolate gift box from Sent With Love Gifting Co. makes gifting easy. Place your order online or call us to discuss the different options available today!

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